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Yg-1 Middle East

Weldarc band of products was introduced in 2015 as a private brand to support and replace the various non-branded products that are available in the market. Weldarc brand has evolved over the years and has progressed in a direction where now it has branched out into many more products and especially into welding consumables. Currently Weldarc offers products in both welding consumables and welding accessories.


Welding Cable Connectors by Weldarc

Welding Cable Connectors

Welding cable connectors are available under Weldarc Brand and Tweeco Brand. These cable connectors are available to suit the welding cable sizes starting from 35sq.mm to 120 Sq.mm. Heavy Duty 120Sq.mm welding cable connectors are available to suit the double jacketed welding cables for Heavy welding & gouging applications.

Weldarc Welding Holders

Welding Holders

Weldarc brand welding holders are available under both US style and Benzyl style. Welding holders are available under different current ratings to suit the need of the welding. Holders are available to suit current range from 300 amps – 600 amps.

Earth Clamps by Weldarc

Earth Clamps

Earth clams of different varieties are available under the Weldarc brand. These are heavy duty clams that can take the load and withstand the industries requirement.

Quivers with Digital & Analog control by Weldcraft


Quivers of 5Kg & 10Kg available under Weldarc brand. Both with Thermostat and without Thermostat is available. Also option of Digital & Analog control is also in the offerings.

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