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Magnetic Drilling Machines

Portable Magnetic Drilling Machines attached to a magnetic stand, that is designed to use HSS & TCT Core Drills for drilling on steel structures, pipes, and plates. They consist of a unique design of drill moto body and slide integrated into a single cast and machined body part. . A magnetic device comes with a twist drill bit, milling cutter, annular cutter, rotary cutter, etc. It also includes a reversible motor and variable speed control, in order to perform tapping, countersink, and reaming. The milling process can also be performed with the help of a cross-table base. The use of it is for the purpose of drilling holes in metals. One of its main advantages is it can be used for drilling holes at remote locations, so you do not have to take work to the machine.

An ideal option used for both on-site and off-site jobs. It is variable in different fields like fabrication construction and the heavy engineering industry. The portable magnetic drill is mainly used for drilling the holes, on-site and for repair or construction purpose on structural steel. Out of the many old models, the latest model of magnetic drilling machines are light in weight and are compatible with the use of manufacturing or fabrication shops. This can also be used in non-controlled shop conditions.

These sort of machines and the use of it is the core product of BDS Maschinen®. The company specialized in the manufacturing of magnetic base drilling machines since 1089. With more than 27 models of magnetic drills as standard models, BDS Magnetic Drilling Machines consist of a wide range of magnetic drills in the world. A few of the reason why BDS Maschinen® is the next generation technologies provider are, it’s Full-wave control electronics for steady watt output, so even while drilling, the watt of the mag drills do not fall, Carbon brush wears control indicator, Complete internal cabling of the motor cable, etc.

What makes BDS magnetic base drilling machines ”Premium” are the next generation technologies like:

1.) Full wave control electronics for steady watt output, so even while drilling, the watt of the mag drills do not fall.

2.) KEYLESS drill chucks to change tools without losing time & efforts.

3.) Carbon brush wear control indicator.

4.) Next generation LED switches on the new models because BDS always updates our products to be the technological leader.

5.) Complete internal cabling of the motor cable.

5.) Almost all mag drills are available in Swivel Base option.

6.) Oil-bath gearbox for robust, heavy duty and long service life of the mag drill.

7.) Magnet adhesion indicator for safety; and much more other advantages.

BDS Maschinen: Magnetic Drilling Machines

Magnetic Base Drilling Machine is the core product of BDS Maschinen®. We specialize in the manufacturing of magnetic base drilling machines since 1989 and so concentrate our main focus on this product line.

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