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Plasma Cutting Products

Plasma Arc Cutting is basically a melting process in which a jet of ionized gas at 20,000°C is used for the melting process and expel material from the cut. During this melting process, an electric arc is struck between an electrode that is known as a cathode and a workpiece that is known as an anode. This electrode is architected in a water-or-air cooled gas nozzle that constricts the arc that causes the narrowing, high temperature, high-velocity jet to form. During the process when the plasma cutting jet hits the workpiece, recombination takes place and the ga reverts to its normal state. This heat melts the metal and the gas flow is extracted from the cut. Plasma gases are basically argon, hydrogen, or nitrogen. The inert gases can also be replaced with air but this process would include a special electrode of hafnium or zirconium. This can cut a very wide range of electrically conductive alloys that includes plain carbon and stainless steel.

Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Products

ITWS has been associated with Hypertherm for past many years for KSA and has been officially appointed as distributor for UAE since 2017. ITWS deals in the complete product range of Hypertherm but primarily focusing on selling the Power Max series and the consumables for Powermax and HPR machines and torches.

Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Products

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