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Tig Guns

TIG Guns has reinvented the welding industry on an affordable scale. The use of low amperage, clean results and the efforts in creating intricate designs are a few of the reasons why the TIG welding Gun is known as the most popular welding techniques. TIG welding is used for practical and convenient welding with the help of the right equipment which is non-negotiable. Big Torch is one of the devices you will need. Choosing from a wide range of modern and trending models, it get’s really hard to pick the right product that guarantees you excellent results, efficiency and comfort. You will get to see a wide range of TIG torches.

TIG Torch consists of an ergonomic handle that stays quite comfortable in the welder’s hands. This can be rotated 360 degrees, so you would need to be sure of working on different direction projects for a longer working hour. The speed nut connection means that you do not have to own any special tools to assemble the lead. Currently, Weldarc offers products both in welding consumables and welding accessories.

The TIG Welding Torch are generally of five popular style TIG torches, which are 3 Air Cooled and 2 Water Cooled. Both the types are at the time referred to as:

● Air Cooled Torches that range up to 180 amps with a recommended max, and tungsten size of 3.2mm.

● Water Cooled Torches that range up to 320 amps with a recommended max and tungsten size of 4.0mm.

Weldcraft Tig Torches

Weldcraft is the leader in the Torch Segment, and are part of the ITW Welding Group. ITWS  is a proud partner with Weldcraft for this region. Tig Torches are available in different current ratings based on filler materials. These torches come with a Flexi head that allows the welder to have flexibility while welding at a different position.

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