Weldarc Welding Cables

Weldarc Welding Cables

“Weldarc” welding cables were launched in 2015 in a small way, but over the years it has been strengthen by adding products and improving the quality consistently. Today welding cables are offered under two brands of “Weldarc Premium” and “Weldarc”.
Weldarc Premium targets the high-end customer market where the cables are extensively used on high current and also has high usage of gouging. These cables are designed to take up higher load and thereby lasting for longer and better life. Double insulation protects the cable from damages. The cables are available from starting from 19sq.mm to 120sq.mm
Weldarc cables are targeted to SME’s and mid-level customers who primarily uses welding and the thickness of welding electrode is not beyond 4mm. Weldarc cables are also double insulated to prevent from damages and can be used in any condition


Weldarc Premium cables for heavy duty use

Weldarc Premium cables

Weldarc Premium cables are heavy duty cables designed to take up higher load and long lasting life. These cables are double jacketed and rough, so that it can withstand the rough industrial use. Being double jacketed it can be more preventive and gets double protection. It comes from all sizes starting from 19sq.mm to 120sq.mm

Weldarc Cables for regular use

Weldarc Cables

Weldarc Cables are for the regular use and targeted to take the load of the mid-level customer segment where the products are used on a regular interval and for users who demands more flexibility. These cables are available from 35Sq.mm to 120Sq.mm.

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