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Ador Welding

Since it’s evolution in the year 1951, Ador Welding Ltd has travelled a long way in becoming India’s no 1 leading players in the industry. As a discoverer, Ador has played an important role in the country’s Industrialisation and its infrastructure by providing the finest welding consumables, equipment and automation solutions and skill development in India. Ador Welding is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Mumbai with Scrip Code 517041, and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) with the symbol: ADORWELD. They continue creating, developing, and delivering the best of their works and services to people all around the globe.

Following exceeding expectations is known to be a cultural trademark of the company ably supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. With the help of a knowledge-based center of Excellence (R&D), comprehensive sal and with the help of a distribution network is what makes the mark on point. Project Engineering Business Division, High-Tech Patented Plasma MIG Solution that covers different high-end specializations. The Welding Company sets new standards in the Indian and the Oversea’s Markets. In order to make sure the highest level of welding and fabrication reaches excellence, AWL provides a legit range of products and services. This includes specific services and tasks that involve great partnership and leadership.

Ador Welding Limited has been known and followed by the leading welding industry in India since the emerged service in the year 1951. They’re regarded as a pioneer and leader in the welding industry. The welding company has been progressively extending its knowledge and expertise in order to cover specialization by catering to a sophisticated range of user needs in India, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia. The company works with a vision to become the best in class with a turnover of Rs 804 crores by FY 2021-22. Its mission is to provide complete welding solutions in order to enhance its operational efficiency.


Flux Cored Wires by Hobart

Flux Cored Wires

Flux Cored wire using gas as the shielding is available under different classification meeting various needs. These flux cored wires are non-seamless wires but matching the various impact requirements with controlled diffusible hydrogen. Products are available right from E71T1 to E121T5, with both CO2 and Mixed gas combination. To know more refer to the below product catalogue or contact us at

Self Shielded Wires by Hobart

Self Shielded Wires

Where carrying the gas cylinder is a problem and where the welding needs to be done in an open yard or a site, Self-shielded wires are the best solution. Even to meet impact as low as -60deg, Hobart offers products in Self-shielded wires. Self-shielded wires are used mainly where gas shielding is an issue and where the customer is looking for high deposit to weld high thickness weld joints

Megafil Seamless Wire by Hobart

Megafil Seamless Wire

Exciting new line of filler metals. MEGAFIL® seamless flux- and metal-cored welding wires.
The seamless technology of the MEGAFIL products offers:
1.Extremely low diffusible hydrogen values
2.Welded seam and copper coating aids in little to no moisture pick up
3.Ideal for field applications where climates can be challenging.
4.Copper coating improves feedability and provides optimal current transfer

Metal Cored Wires by Hobart

Metal Cored Wires

Metal-cored wire is a tubular electrode that consists of a metal sheath and a core of various powdered materials, primarily iron. The core of metal-cored wire contributes almost entirely to the deposited weld metal and hence there is literally no slag.

Submerged Arc Wire & amp Flux by Hobart

Submerged Arc Wire & amp Flux

Hobart offers the complete range of SAW wire & Flux. Depending on the need flux are available with high basicity, low basicity and neutral fluxes.

Submerged Arc Metal Cored Wire & Amp Flux by Hobart

Submerged Arc Metal Cored Wire & Amp Flux

Unique product from Hobart is the SAW Metal cored wire & Flux. Similar to that of metal cored wire in Mig, SAW Metal cored wires gives the advantage of getting the welding at much higher speed and guarantees the saving on production cost. As the metal powder is help in achieving the result, it also act as the second shielding and due to this the shielding flux used is of low basicity which helps in easy slag removal and good weldability.

Solid Wires by Hobart

Solid Wires

Hobart offers the complete range of solid wires to meet the need of the customer. These are made in USA products and offered in both Spools & Drums

Stick Electrodes by Hobart

Stick Electrodes

Hobart offers complete range of Welding Electrodes starting from Low Hydrogen electrodes to the high tensile 12018 electrodes. All these comes in TIN packing and gives the H4R classification to meet the low hydrogen inputs.

Hardfacing Products by Hobart

Hardfacing Products

Hobart offers complete solution for the Hard facing of metals. Hobart consumables are available both in Stick Electrodes and Wires. These hard facing products comes in different hardness to meet the customers expectation. Customised solutions can be offered depending on the application and the need. Our experts can study, understand and offer the best solutions and to know more about this please write to us at

Hobart Aluminum Welding Products


Hobart has taken over McKay – USA and made their product base even more stronger. With the McKay take over the Aluminium portfolio has become very strong and today Hobart offers complete range of products in Alumnium in all grades of Industrial and Marine. Also, the product offering is available in Spool, cut length and electrode forms. To get to know more about this product range please write to

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2.Sub-Merged Arc
welding wire & flux

3.Hobart Filler Materials
complete catalogue

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