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Elga Welding Products

For more than 80 years Elga has been manufacturing welding consumables. Today Elga is one of the biggest players in the European welding consumables business.
Now Elga is part of the worldwide known ITW Welding group and offers all the special range of products to customers needs. Elga focuses on the product group, especially in Medium Alloyed & Stainless-Steel products. Stainless steel solid & flux-cored wires, Inconel solid & flux-cored wires, all categories of GTAW wires are the specialties of Elga.
Elga offers a complete range of high alloyed and stainless-steel products. With its production unit based out of Sweeden, it has all the European approvals and comes in TIN packing giving the edge over the other products. Elga offers both Electrodes and filler materials in this category. Inconel, Duplex, and super Duplex products are also available under this brand.


Unalloyed Welding Products by Elga


All the unalloyed products including filler materials are available from Elga. Double coated stick electrode for using it in under water welding is the specialty of Elga.

Low Alloyed Welding Products by Elga

Medium Alloyed

Medium alloyed to be renamed as Low Alloyed and the following content needs to be added to the existing content,
Elga also offers complete range of filler materials and electrodes under this category. Wires are available in cut length and spools. It also offers products in tubular wires and flux cored wires. To know more please refer the catalogue or write to online@itws.net

High Alloyed & Stainless Welding Products by Elga

High Alloyed & Stainless

Complete range of Stainless Steel, Inconel, Duplex and Super Duplex stainless.

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