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Gouging Products

Gouging is basically the removal of metal using a plasma arc. This is similar to that of plasma cutting. A plasma arc between the torch and the workpiece melts the metal completely. Later a gas jet blows away the molten metal. In gouging, it especially designed consumables produces a broader arc, the torch, that is held at an angle and only a few of the material is blown away. The use of gouging is on any conductive metal, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, and aluminum. Plasma gouging as compared to carbon arc gouging is used to reduce the amount of noise and debris in the work environment. It can be performed freehand or even with a mechanical aid like a track cutter and can also be done on fully automated CNC cutting tables. Plasma systems consist of a dedicated operation mode for gouging that adjusts the amount of pressure that travels to the torch.

Arcair Gouging Torches

The invention of the Carbon Arc Cutting-Air (CAC-A) process began with Arcair by Myron Stepath. The company was invented in the garage of his home with a single room as his office and a small shop to fulfill orders with. The arc gouging hand touch offers quite a fast and efficient weld removal, edge preparation, and defect repair for metal removal jobs. It is asked for the use of most metals and features low heat input to result in less or no deformation. Plasma Arc Gouging is one out of four common gouging methods. The other three methods are Oxyfuel, Mechanical, and Air Carbon Arc Gouging. To understand more about plasma arc gouging, it is helpful to understand plasma arc cutting (PAC), which is a thermal cutting process that uses a constricted jet of high-temperature plasma gas to melt and separate metal.

Arcair Gouging Torches

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