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Welding Cables

The use of Welding cables is to power the secondary circuit of electric arc-welding generators. It is the circuit that controls the electrode, that emits the charger used to weld. These welding cable connectors are made out of flexible copper wire surrounded by a protective covering that is resistant to flame, oil, heat, and abrasions.

These welding cables are available in different grades. These grades are dependant on durability and strength. The wiring itself is generally made from copper and are then carefully stranded to allow for maximum flexibility. The covering of the welding wire is made from Neoprene or EDM rubber, short for Ethylene Propylene Dience M-Class Rubber.

A welding cable is a potable cord that features a single annealed conductor. These cables are famous for their flexibility and versatility owing to the mode of their construction. This annealed conductor is most cases are made out of copper. A welding cable is stranded finely to enhance flexibility. These cables are constructed in a way so they can withstand grease, cuts, oil and water and different forms of abrasions. These cables come in different sizes that range from 6 AWG to 500 MCM. At other times, a welding cable is referred to as a grounding cable.

Weldarc Welding Cables

The Weldarc cables were launched in the year 2015 with a small start. Over the years this development strengthened its roots by adding products and improving the quality consistently. You will find welding cables under different brands of ‘Weldarc Premium” and ‘Weldarc’. These cables are designed to take up a higher load and further lasting for longer and better life. These cables are available from 19 sq. mm to 120 sq. mm. These cables are targeted to SME’s and Mid-Level customers who use welding primarily not beyond 4 mm. They are double insulated so it prevents damages and can be used in any conditions.


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