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Arcair began with the invention of the Carbon Arc Cutting-Air (CAC-A) process, by Myron Stepath while stationed in Bremerton, Washington as a welding engineer with the U.S. Navy. Myron founded Arcair Co. In 1949, a company he started in the garage of his home with a single room as his office, and a small shop to fulfill orders with. Myron introduced the G-3 cutting and gouging electrode holder to the public.

The CAC-A process is one which combines carbon arc to melt metal, while compressed air blows the molten metal away. The process showed an order of magnitude in cost savings compared to the then mechanical metal removal process.With the end of the Second World War, Myron had the time to work on his designs, and innovate the hardware into a single, usable, efficient handheld tool, released as the H-5 cutting and Arcair Gouging Torch in 1956. The 70’s saw Air Products purchasing Arcair Co. and the retirement of Myron Stepath.

In the 80’s, Arcair Gouging Torches introduced the K-4000 compressed air electric arc cutting and gouging torch combination and the acquirement of Arcair by Thermadyne (as well as Stoody/Deloro), as well as the relocation to Wichita, Kansas to combine it’s manufacturing with Tweco. 2004 saw the relocation of arcair and tweco to Denton in Texas, and 2012 Saw the takeover of Thermadyne, and therefore Arcair, by Victor Technologies

Arcair Gouging Torches and Products Supplier

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