Product Specialist at ITWS

Every product and process can be relooked, and optimization can be done by using the right product with the appropriate process. We believe in ITWS that we should play the lead role in getting this optimization done so that all our customers can get the better productivity, saving cost and using the latest process and technology at their works.

To do this we have product specialists with us to recommend the right product. Right from welding to cutting and bandsaws, we can depute our specialists to study the process, recommend the product and help you getting this implemented in the work place.

Welding engineer will be able to study your process and recommend you the correct product & process. Show the demonstration either at our Tech Centre or at customers place, so that customer can have the complete feel of the recommended product/process. Our welding demonstrators can train your welders on the new process.

With the 12point check – the bandsaw machine can be optimized to the best performance and to do that ask our Bandsaw specialist to study the machine and process. To check whether you are suiting the right grade of the blade, our engineer can study and recommend the right product.

For every product we have people and allow us to work with you, together we are sure our customer will get the needed cost benefits

ITWS Tech Center

Our Tech Centre aims at giving the customer a place to see the complete demonstration of all the Hobart / Elga products including the much appreciated RMD process in live. Tech Centre aims at simulating the actual experience of the Shop Floor so that the customer can get the actual feeling of the product performance. The facility has the option of trying all the welding processes and also gives the option of comparing various welding process on a given job and finalise the best process suiting to their needs.

Every product in the range can be tried out, but the specialty is:
1. Getting to know the Self – Shielded welding process where Flux cored wires are welded without any gas shielding
2. Trying to know the effect of Metal Cored wires over the regular flux cored wires
3. Seeing the “Seamless Wire” welding, where the Hydrogen control is the best. Seamless wire also gives the customer the advantage of using it at high speed and feed rate.


Seminar: “Increased Welding Productivity and Quality by New Welding Technologies”
Speaker: Mr. Bashkar Ramalingam,
Project Manager – Middles East & Caspian Region,
ITW Welding Products.
Date: 15th Jan 2019
Time: 14.00 – 14.30Hrs
Venue: Steelfab Expo, Expo Centre, Sharjah, UAE
For registration and enquiry please write to